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LOCA Conference - Location Technology, Marketing and Service

in Retail, Logistics & Travel Industry

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With a great success the LOCA Conference celebrated its second turn on February 2nd and 3rd 2016 in Munich.


From around the world experts met at the LOCA Conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges of location technologies and services. About 450 guests followed our call and listened to the remarks of more than 75 speakers from all over the world, like the US, Great Britain and Sweden.

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Marketing & Sales Manager

The LOCA Conference on 15th and 16th February 2017  is under the motto "Everything at Glance - Location Trends and Facts".

Representatives form companies all around Europe will speak and show different use cases and ideas on how location and digital and intelligent systems work. The topics are among others new technologies, in-store concepts and different possibilities for automation of processes, Indoor Navigation, Payment of now, Loyalty and Customer Care, IT and warehouse management, as well as marketing and advertising – all are part of the diversified field of location-based services and marketing automation tools.

Program topics LOCA 2017

Location Digital Transformation   I   ON-Offline Customer Journey


In 2016 we had over 600 guests and 80 speakers from various countries such as the USA, the UK and Sweden.


  • Location Technology, Marketing & Services

  • Supply & Logistics Management
  • Barcode  I  RFID
  • Digital Signage
  • Location Commerce Mobile
  • POS  I  POI
  • In-/Outdoor Tracking & Navigation
  • Payment of now
  • IT  I  Beacons
  • Data Privacy
  • Smart Cities

Partner overview 2016

International Location association establishes LOCA

The international conference on Location Technology and Services hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association provides all stakeholders of the ecosystem with the opportunity for global exchange. Established in 2012 the conference is an industry leading event in North America (Chicago, New York and Austin) and Asia (Singapore). The LOCA Conference is one of the most important meetings for retailers, brands and agencies.

Parallel 9th App Days Event

Additional Networking Opportunities for app developers and like minded companies

This year the 9th annual hosting of "App Day" is taking place at the same location as the LOCA conference, from 2nd to 3rd February 2016 in MTC Munich. At the App Day the developing app community meets with app seeking companies for exchange on ideas and networking opportunities. Attendees receive information on the latest trends in development, tips, tricks and techniques, within different operating systems. App seekers will hear about marketing, revenue, technology, security and research to develop successful business models in their field. To facilitate this knowledge transfer we have set up a mix of lectures, discussions and meetings with the developers to ensure your time is spent wisely. Furthermore, the latest trends in technologies and development (e.g. AR, LBS, Wearables) will be demonstrated and discussed.

LOCA Night with "Show your App" Award

On February 2nd 2016, the "Show your App" Award night event will be held again as part of the App Days and the LOCA Conference at Juleps Munich.