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WELCOME to 4. LOCA Conference - BMW Welt

Next Show: 12-13 April 2018, BMW Welt Munich

Location Technologien, Marketing & Service

in Retail, Logistics and Advertising-Strategies

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The international conference on Location Technology and Services hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association provides all stakeholders of the ecosystem with the opportunity for global exchange. Established in 2012, the conference is an industry-leading event in North America (Chicago, New York and Austin) and Asia (Singapore). The LOCA Conference is one of the most important meetings for retailers, brands and IT and Location technolgoy agencies. (DACH)


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Internationals, rest DACH


Marketing & Business Dev.

Program 2018

LOCA Programm (German Version)


Stationäre Flächen - Online vernetzen. Location Technologien digitalisieren die Wertschöpfung im Handel, Marketing und Logistik.


Diskutieren sie live mit unseren Experten Carsten Szameitat (LBMA), Carsten Maeskes (Karstadt), Günter Heppes (Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft) & Asif Khan (LBMA Global).

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PrograMm plan 2018

Conference BMW Welt

12. April 2018

At 12th and 13th April 2018  LOCA's motto is "Multichannel: Connection ON and OFFline Retail & Logistics" Location Technology Trends and Facts for IT Business and Commerce Marketing Solutions. Include speakers from the international members of LBMA and cases from German-speaking countries are presented. Day 1 will take place in the BMW Welt in Munich. At night dinner with prize-giving "Location Hero" award (submit until 1st April - more about). 

  • Program points: Localisation I News Technologies for Retail Investments I Store concepts I Marketing Analytics I VR & AR I Marketing campains for more Sales & Marketing attention I Connecting OFF- Online  I Warehouse / Logistics | RFID I Digital Signage | Hardware & Solutions I  Mobile Solutions | Location Digital Commerce  I  In-/Outdoor Tracking & Navigation  I  IT | Beacons | Geofencing Marketing | Security Data & DSGVO

Live Tours around Munich

13. April 2018

On the second day of the conference, we start theLIVE Retail-tours in different theme worlds. The participants are divided into groups and guided in a rotating system (2 hours), to various companies, airport and shopping center in and around Munich. Buses provide transport to the various stations. We started the format last year with enormous encouragement. 

Speaker Corner 2018

Attendees from other countries - Translator team is available (GERMAN to ENGLISH)

Asif Khan, President & Founder, LBMA Global (Toronto)



Trends and Technological Advancements. Amazon GO - Zara - Denver airport

Günter Heppes, Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft



Proof of concept IT - In-store Technologien - Customer Using

Einsatz und Bedenken

Carsten Maeskes, Karstadt Warenkaufhaus



Proof of Concepts - Karstadt Experience Store:

Erfahrungen der ersten 100 Tage

Carsten Szameitat, Vorstandsvorsitzender, Location Based Marketing Association



30 relevante Technologien: Trends und Entwicklungen

Vanda Kospic, Head of Consumer Goods,

Wirecard AG



Shopping around the world – what is the new truth in digital retail?

Eberhard Weber,



hybrid supermarkets - how

the future supermarket connects eCommerce to POS


The LOCA night event starts early in the evening with the Speaker Dinner, afterwards, the night will start with an American lifestyle pub atmosphere, and awards will be given. 

Award Entry start now aND Night 12th April 2018

A n-tv film team made a short video about the LOCA Night. You can watch that video here.


Best of digital LOCATION

Technology, Marketing and Services

EUROPE  Best Location Marketing Strategy and App for Consumers from Retailers and social and classic brands! "Connecting OFF-Online"


DACH      Best digital location campaigns and solutions under usage of technologies. Innovative ideas with input Warehouse Economy, Store-Concepts, Enterprise-Solutions and dialogue with customers will be reviewed.


Submission:  01. April 2018


REVIEW with 160 attendees, newest inside from US/UK, nice platform and atmosphere for networking with costumers and industries

"We are very satisfied with the development of LOCA. 2017 we moved to BMW Welt and win more relevant audience from manager than in previous years.  The success of the conference and the new format LIVE tours with visits in the store-markets and partners shows us that we are covering the important topics."


Carsten Szameitat Director of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) and initiator of the LOCA Conference DACH.



You'll find more pictures from the LOCA Conference here.

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