Retail Marketing

Marketing is not only sales and promotional activities, but any activity undertaken by a supplier to satisfy the needs and desires of customers. To achieve this, the supplier must create a satisfactory and affordable set of goods and services available to the buyer at the right time and in the right place. Marketing simply manages

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How to Cross-Sell and Upsell with Omnichannel Retail Cross selling is a retail marketing technique that encourages the purchase of products or services that complement the original product. For example, a retail store employee may encourage customers to purchase other items they may need or want. Up-selling is a similar process, but it encourages buyers

Strategies to increase sales

A marketing company may offer strategies to increase sales, such as price promotions, discount sales, package deals, and product demos. They can also help control costs by offering cost-effective marketing strategies. Another effective way is to develop a consumer experience aimed at making consumers want to come back, buy and recommend the brand. Understanding Your

Value Based Pricing

There are several pricing strategies: value-based pricing, competitive pricing, psychological pricing, etc. Value based pricing is when you use pricing to show consumers your market value. Competitive pricing is setting a price based on competitors’ prices. 👉🏼 Ensuring your price is competitive is critical to gaining market share and maintaining it over time. Your price

Your Complete Guide to Retail Marketing

Every consumer-facing business needs retail marketing strategies to help them with sales and brand building. Every business needs promotion, branding, and consumer engagement, whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation. Retail marketing is becoming increasingly important as competition increases and consumers want the most convenient and comfortable shopping experience, both online and in

5 trends for the future of retail

The retail industry is in the midst of another phase where technology rules and customer experience is fast becoming the new currency. The ability of retailers to effectively leverage all of these technologies to meet changing customer expectations will be a key success factor in the new decade. Analysts at Gartner have made a prediction

New technologies in retail

Innovative activity becomes an objective condition for the development of modern trade and ensuring the competitiveness of enterprises in the long term. By introducing innovations, the enterprise responds to changes in the macro and micro environment and adapts to market conditions. Currently, there is a decrease in the purchasing power of the population. Trade enterprises

Retail Technology

Retail trade network The retail trade network is a combination of a large number of retail trade enterprises. The main types of trade network are stationary, non-stationary (mobile) and parcel. A stationary trading network includes trading enterprises located in buildings and structures specially equipped and intended for trading (shops, pavilions, kiosks). Shop – a specially