next show: 15 - 16 February 2017, Munich


LOCA Conference its all about location technology and service.

We are looking for key partners - so that together we, can build the biggest and most relevant event for location on the planet.


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LOCA 2017 Introduction
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LOCA 2016 Program (Review)
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Booth Package

15.-16. February 2017, BMW World & Partner

  • Your logo on the website
  • Print your Logo on your networking area wall
  • 2 tickets for the congress
  • 2 tickets for night event
  • Placement: case & solution  at stages and at partners
    • First day: Stele with table for your material 5 m² and Cases-Placement in Break
    • Second day at big partners (LOCA live tours) Banner roll-up placement
  • Speaker slot for case & solution placement at stages or at partners
  • Advertising & PR, Newsletter
    • ½ side advertorial LOCA Special print issue 13.000 GFM Nachrichten Compendium-Special

4.500 EUR

Stele Sponsoring

15. February 2017, BMW World

  • Your Logo on the website
  • Your Logo in the networking area small place
  • Stele with table for your material 5 m² and presentation of cases
  • Address announcement in the LOCA print issue
  • 1 ticket for the congress

2.500 EUR

Speakers Dinner Sponsoring

15th of February is dinning de LBMA and the speakers of LOCA Event.

3.500 EUR

Transfer Sponsoring LOCA Live

2.900 EUR

Give away in visitor bags

1.000 EUR

Display of information

800 EUR

Partner Sponsoring

16. February 2017, LOCA live (Tour partner)

  • Your logo on the website (partner placement) & networking area BMW Welt first day and on transfer bus
  • 15 min speaking slot big stage (in consultation) first day
  • Logo sponsoring of one panel first day
  • 5 tickets for the conference (first day) & 5 tickets for night event / award
  • branded lounge area equipped incl. design furniture at BMW Welt
  • Invitation to speakers dinner 15th Feb.
  • LOCA live (2nd day) stage and program holder (speaker / guides) in own business rooms (3 Tour-Sessions) & placement of your partners
  • List of attendees who booked your LOCA live Tour for your own communications
  • 30 tickets own invitations to LOCA live at “company xxx”
  • 20 min. speaker slot (in consultation) with sponsoring a panel at the conference (logo placement)
  • Advertising & PR
    • Print 2 pages advertorial (GFM Nachrichten Compendium) at LOCA Special issue 13.000
    • Newsletter-Advertising of LOCA live tour and program also speakers
    • Expert interview (published via press release and

15.000 EUR

networking space

Networking space/ own presentation area: ALL are the same

The presentation areas are all the same! All walls have lighting and are individually moveable. The areas will be divided into parcels and are provided with furniture. The parcels are available in three variants. There will be community parcels or individual ones with 20 or 40 m² space. This is where several companies will be displayed. The parcels will be provided with lounge furniture.