Product store design

Increasingly, the original design of the store is the main factor in attracting modern consumers.

A wide range and affordable prices are fading into the background today.

The design of a grocery store creates an individuality and a special image not only for a separate outlet, but for the entire retail brand as a whole. Extraordinary designer ones are able to attract even the most capricious buyer.

In addition, the store design is remembered by customers over time and becomes recognizable. The unique interior design of the store creates a special atmosphere and overall shopping mood, increases the productivity of the sales staff.

The design of goods in a certain style prolongs the life of any outlet, exactly as much as it corresponds to the trends of our time. However, it is worth remembering that the design of the outlet must comply with the general concept of the trading company.

Store interior and zoning organization

It is important to plan the interior of the store in such a way that it is as convenient as possible for the buyer and makes it easy to find the right product among a wide variety of products. That is why the interior should be simple, functional and consistent with the general idea. It should not attract too much attention and distract the consumer from shopping.

When planning the interior, special attention should be paid to commercial refrigeration equipment. It should be of high quality and not bulky, so as not to interfere with the free movement of the flow of customers. The interior should give each product freshness and appetizing, for this you can use colorful signs, original design of shelving, open windows.

In order for your customer to purchase not only the product for which he came to the store, but also other products, you need to stimulate him to make a spontaneous purchase. To do this, the product range must be presented neatly and orderly. There should be no clutter or empty shelves on the trading floor. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to the correct zoning of the retail space – the distribution of product groups by zones.

Zoning of retail space, as a rule, comes down to the allocation of the following main zones:

  • Store interior, store design, grocery store design, store interior design, store interior, store chain design Store entrance is the “entrance area” that creates the first impression of the outlet, so this area is given special attention. In order to create the right buying mood, seasonal goods are often placed in this zone, for example, a brazier or a tent in summer, and a Christmas tree and Christmas tree decorations in winter, on New Year’s Eve. Promotional goods or “goods of the day” with a favorable price are also placed in this zone.
  • Checkout zone – in this zone, cash equipment and racks with goods of impulsive demand are concentrated – various sweets, coffee stickers, napkins, lighters, magazines and more. The maximum number of buyers passes through the checkout area, so the consumer makes the maximum number of spontaneous purchases in this area.

The main area of ​​the retail space is the area of ​​the main flow of visitors, formed by placing different product groups on the path of these flows. This zone, as a rule, is visually distinguished. The main passage is always wider than the others.

Grocery store design

The design of a grocery store is made up of many details and elements. Let’s consider the most important of them.

Decoration of outdoor windows

A well-designed, eye-catching storefront attracts potential customers passing by and makes your store stand out from the rest.

It is necessary to take care that a sign with the name must be placed on the facade of the store. Already by the design of the sign, the consumer understands what kind of store it is, what goods it offers, the level of prices for goods and the level of service. In addition, it is imperative to specify the operating mode of the outlet.

Sales floor style

You should never choose overly pretentious or rich design styles for store design, even if you sell premium products, this repels customers, and does not stimulate demand, as many believe. The simpler the interior is decorated, the more pleasant it is to be. Simplicity creates a special harmonious atmosphere that does not distract the consumer from shopping.

Therefore, it is best to opt for styles such as: classic style or minimalism. The interior of a grocery store should be harmonious and concise.

Design of departments and POS-materials

In order for buyers to stay inside the trading floor as long as possible and go around almost all its corners, it is necessary to properly organize the placement of product groups, highlight profitable and popular positions of goods.

When designing individual departments of goods, various POS materials are most often used:
– Price tags;
– Shelftalkers – promotional information about a specific product, placed directly on the shelf with the goods. It is an image made on a cardboard base, plastic or plastic.
– Stop shelves – hanging advertising structures placed at the level of shelves with goods;
– Posters, booklets, leaflets, flyers, etc.

Finishing materials of product departments should emphasize the products themselves, draw attention to them and give them a special appetizing.

For example: bakery and confectionery products are best placed surrounded by a tree – oak or pine; meat and fish products look fresher when surrounded by ceramic tiles, stainless steel or glass mosaics.