Color solutions in the design of a grocery store

Color plays an important role in the design of the interior and exterior of the store.

The human subconscious perceives each color range differently, each color has a different psychological impact on the consumer, correcting his behavior.

Thinking over the color scheme of the store, it is important to take care not only of consumers, but also of the staff of the trading enterprise, who spend 8 hours a day in the trading room every day. Therefore, in the trading floor there should be not only “motivating” colors, but also colors that create “recreation areas” – pastel colors, soft colors are better than green.

When choosing a color scheme, it is best to take into account the psychological proximity of the color to the products sold in the store. For a grocery store, the yellow-ocher gamma is optimal.

Racks and shelves should not be visually monotonous with goods. Each product should clearly stand out against the background of the general interior of the store. Showcases should be designed in no more than two colors, however, the number of shades used can be unlimited.

Do not forget that cold colors (violet, blue colors) have an inhibitory effect on the consumer’s nervous system and make him think carefully before making a purchase. This range can be used when selling expensive goods. Warm colors (red, yellow, orange, purple) affect the consumer’s emotions, cause excitement and joy. This gamma is more suitable for goods of impulsive demand.

Separate product groups are best separated by colors, emphasizing their merits.

For example:
– For dairy products – the optimal color is white;
– Cold, refreshing colors – green-blue are suitable for soft drinks and vodka;
– Wines – here it is better to use plum and purple shades;
– Chocolate, cocoa, coffee – earthy shades (beige, brown, ocher);
– Frozen foods – bright winter shades – gray-blue, blue.

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In addition, light raspberry, yellow, brick, avocado, orange and olive are great for food.

Grocery store design

The design of a chain of stores should be consistent with a single design concept. Each retail outlet must adhere to corporate colors in the design of the store. This forms the image of the brand in the mind of the consumer and increases the level of brand awareness of the retail chain.

The facade of the store, showcases, commercial equipment, sales staff uniforms, packaging materials, etc., all this should be designed in a single corporate style of the brand.

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A huge advantage of the retail network is the adopted uniform rules for customer service. This allows you to strengthen the image and increase the value of the brand.

The use of corporate fonts on price tags or signs, as well as the same type of musical design, can more clearly demonstrate the individuality of the retail chain brand.